Botox Treatment to remove lines and wrinkles?

We can help.

We provide our services under the Ageless Visage Partnership and can now offer you Botox in Thame.

Ageless Visage is the right choice for medical skin care treatments. Our Botox treatments are delivered in a modern, hygienic clinic by a fully qualified clinician.

We appreciate that the youthful contours of your skin gradually change with time, These changes lead to the formation of skin lines and skin wrinkles.

Using the latest techniques, we are able to help remove lines and remove wrinkles through:

  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Enhancement / Augmentation

For more information or if you would like us to book an appointment for yourself, please speak to a member of our team.

What is the cost of botox?
Botox prices can vary, please speak to a member of the team for further information.
If you have been recommended a treatment plan by one of our dentist and would like to pay online. Please click here… 

NOTE: Ageless Visage Partnership (AVP) is a partnership between Rodericks Dental Limited and Dr Tim Hurst (Ageless Visage). Your transaction for treatment, aftercare and any other matters is made with Ageless Visage Partnership. AVP only permit highly trained clinicians that meet our strict compliance standards to provide your treatment.